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Xamarin.Forms Pages represent cross-platform mobile app screens.


The Page class is a visual element that occupies most or all of the screen and contains a single child. A Xamarin.Forms.Page represents a View Controller in iOS or a Page in Windows Phone. On Android each page takes up the screen like an Activity, but Xamarin.Forms Pages are not Activities.

Xamarin.Forms supports:

Type Description Screenshot
ContentPage A ContentPage displays a single View, often a container such as a StackLayout or a ScrollView.
MasterDetailPage A Page that manages two panes of information.
NavigationPage A Page that manages the navigation and user-experience of a stack of other pages.
TabbedPage A Page that allows navigation between children pages, using tabs.
TemplatedPage A Page that displays full-screen content with a control template, and the base class for ContentPage.
CarouselPage A Page allowing swipe gestures between subpages, like a gallery.

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