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Introduction to User Interface Objects in Xamarin.iOS

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Xamarin.iOS exposes all the native user interface objects provided by Apple. They are easily added to Xamarin.iOS applications using the iOS Designer, Xcode's Interface Buildier or programmatically. Regardless of which method you choose, Xamarin.iOS exposes all the user interface object properties and methods in C#.


This document will introduce some of the most common iOS user interface controls and how to use them, including:

  • UILabel – Read-only text display,
  • UITextField – Editable single-line text input,
  • UITextView – Editable, scrolling multi-line text input,
  • UIButton – The default round-rectange button style,
  • UISlider – Range slider,
  • UIImageView – Image display.

The article includes a sample application to demonstrate the various controls. A screenshot of the sample app is shown below:

In addition to using these controls, you will also learn a little about theming an app by applying the same colors to all your controls, as well as layouts that adapt when the device is rotated.


Part 1 - Creating User Interface Objects

Part 2 - Working with the UI Thread

Part 3 - Basic Text Input

Part 4 - Buttons

Part 5 - Images

Part 6 - Other UI Objects

Part 7 - Layout Options & Themes

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