How can I copy IPA output files to the TFS drop folder?

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last updated: 2017-03

Open the .csproj file for the iOS app project in a text editor and then add the following lines at the end (immediately before the closing </Project> tag):


<Target Name="CopyIpa"
    Condition="'$(OutputType)' == 'Exe'
        And '$(ComputedPlatform)' == 'iPhone'
        And '$(BuildIpa)' == 'true'
        And '$(TF_BUILD)' == 'true'">


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This document discusses the current behavior as of Xamarin 3.11.666 for Visual Studio and Xamarin.iOS 8.10.3 on the Mac build host. For further assistance, to contact us, or if this issue remains even after utilizing the above information, please see What support options are available for Xamarin? for information on contact options, suggestions, as well as how to file a new bug if needed.

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