Deprecated Image Technologies

Working with older image techniques in Xamarin.iOS.

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last updated: 2016-12

This article covers several deprecated image technologies and technique that might be required to maintain older Xamarin.iOS apps.

Using Deprecated Image Technologies

The Image Techniques listed in the following articles have been retained to assist developers maintaining older Xamarin.iOS app projects. Whenever possible, any existing apps should be updated to move away from these technologies, as they may be dropped by Apple in future iOS releases.

Image Sizes and Filenames

This article covers the deprecated technique of using a file naming convention to supply the different version of each file needed to support all iOS devices with the required images sizes and resolutions.

Displaying an Image

This article covers deprecated including an image asset in a Xamarin.iOS application and displaying that image either by using C# code or by assigning it to a control in the iOS Designer.

Application Icons

This article covers the steps required to move an older iOS app to using Asset Catalogs for the App Icon.

Launch Screens

This article covers deprecated methods of including and managing an image asset in a Xamarin.iOS app to be used as a Launch Screen.

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