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Guides covering a wide range of specialized topics such as native interop, binding, etc.

Binding Objective-C

When working on iOS, you might encounter cases where you want to consume a third-party Objective-C library. In those situations, you can use MonoTouch's Binding Projects to create a C# binding to the native Objective-C libraries. The project uses the same tools that we use to bring the iOS APIs to C#. This document describes how to bind Objective-C APIs.

Compiling for Different Devices

Covers various compiler options and support.

Embedded frameworks

Explains how to embed Objective-C user frameworks in Xamarin.iOS apps.


Pitfalls and limitations to be aware of with Xamarin.iOS.

Linking on iOS

Explains how the linker works to ensure the smallest possible application package, as well as how to modify its settings and usage.

Localization and Internationalization

This guide covers the the addition of encodings to a Xamarin.iOS application to support internationalization.


Notes and information on mtouch.exe, the command line tool that builds your project into an application usable by iOS.

Linking Native Libraries

Xamarin.iOS supports linking with both native C libraries and Objective-C libraries. This document discusses how to link your native C libraries with your Xamarin.iOS project. For information on doing the same for Objective-C libraries, see the Binding Objective-C Types document.

Objective-C Selectors

Notes and usage for calling Objective-C Selectors (methods) directly.


Information and instructions on using System.Data to access the built-in SQLite Database system.


Notes on using threading within Xamarin.iOS applications.

Xamarin for Objective-C Developers

Provides information for Objective-C developers transitioning to the Xamarin platform.

Registration of Managed Code

Describes the registrar feature of mtouch

New Refcount

Describes the new refcounting extension.

Floating Point Arithmetic

Describes some lesser known floating point features of Xamarin.iOS

iOS Build Mechanics

This guide explores how to time your apps and how to use methods that can be employed for quicker builds for all build configurations.

Exception Marshaling

Describes how Objective-C and managed exceptions are marshaled between native and managed frames.

Xamarin Workbook

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