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The Audience page lets you view usage information and learn more about your users and their devices.

When you add Xamarin Insights to your apps, you can opt in or out of tracking additional data from your users, such as OS Versions, Device Type, and more, to help you diagnose issues. Xamarin Insights automatically visualizes all of this data, along with app user and session data analytics, in graphs and charts that are displayed on the Audience tab of your application.

All categories will display, by default, a cumulative total of information for the last 30 days, with certain categories providing a selector allowing you to view the data for any particular day in the last month.

The sections below will provide more detail on each category.

Daily Active Users

This shows the total number of users that have used your application over a 30-day period, with the data broken down into new users – users that have downloaded and opened the app for the first time – and returning users – users that have opened the app at least once before. You can hover over any individual date to show the total, new, and returning users for that day:

Daily Sessions

This shows the total number of sessions that took place over a 30-day period. Holding your pointer over any individual date will show the total number of sessions for that day. A session is defined as every instance that the app has run – in other words, every time Insights.Initalize() has been triggered:

App Versions

The App Version shows the total percentage of users using a specific app version on any given date. This information can be extremely useful in showing the adoption rate for any new app version that you release:

OS Versions

The OS Version shows the total percentage of users by Operating System version on any given date. This information is crucial in determining who your users are, and for whom you need to be developing your application:


This displays the country of your user, as defined by the location of the IP address of the user's device:

Top Devices

This displays the hardware distribution of devices used to access your app on any given date. This can be used to determine which devices you should be testing your application on, and can be particularly useful when used in conjunction with Test Cloud:


This displays the total percentage of languages used over a 30-day period, determined from the OS's chosen language. This can be useful for determining if you should be using Localization in your application:


This displays the percentage of carriers used to access your app on any given date:

Xamarin Workbook

If it's not already installed, install the Xamarin Workbooks app first. The workbook file should download automatically, but if it doesn't, just click to start the workbook download manually.