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MonoGame is an efficient, flexible, cross platform API for developing 2D and 3D games. It provides the foundation for many cross-platform game engines, but can be used directly in games without being wrapped in a game engine.

Introduction to Game Development with MonoGame

MonoGame is a cross-platform, hardware accelerated API providing graphics, audio, game state management, input, and a content pipeline for importing assets.

3D Graphics with MonoGame

MonoGame offers a flexible, efficient API for displaying real-time 3D graphics. It includes higher-level constructs for rendering and also access to lower-level graphics resources.

MonoGame GamePad Reference

GamePad is a standard, cross-platform class for accessing input devices in MonoGame.

MonoGame Platform Specific Considerations

MonoGame is supported on a variety of platforms. This section covers topics specific to each platform.

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