Azure Active Directory

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last updated: 2017-03

Register an app to use Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory allows developers to secure resources such as files, links, and Web APIs using the same organizational account that employees use to sign in to their systems or check their emails.

Developing mobile applications which can authenticate with Azure Active Directory involves three steps. The first two steps are generally the same, regardless of what services you plan to use. The third step is different for each service-type:

  1. Registering with Azure Active Directory on the portal, then
  2. Configure services.
  3. Develop mobile apps using the services.

Examples of different services you can access include:


Using the steps above you can authenticate your mobile apps against Azure Active Directory. The Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) makes it much easier with fewer lines of code, while keeping most of the code the same and thus making it shareable across platforms.

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