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last updated: 2017-01

With the introduction of Google's Android Wear, you are no longer restricted to just phones and tablets when it comes to developing great Android apps. Xamarin.Android's support for Android Wear makes it possible for you to run C# code on your wrist! This introduction lists some of the more popular Android Wear devices, and it provides links to Google's Android Wear documentation.

Android Wear runs on a variety of devices, including the first-generation Motorola 360, LG's G watch, and the Samsung Gear Live. A second generation, including Sony's SmartWatch 3, has also been released with additional capabilities including built-in GPS and offline music playback.

Xamarin.Android 5.0 and later supports Android Wear through our Android 4.4W (API 20) support and a NuGet package that adds additional Wear-specific UI controls. Xamarin.Android 5.0 and later also includes functionality for packaging your Wear apps.


Some of the devices that can run Android Wear:

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Check out Google's Android Wear documentation:

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